We love highlighting the activities of our amazing USLCA chapters! This month, we’re excited to share information from the Central Valley Lactation Association (CVLA).

CVLA was founded in 2013 in Bakersfield, California and serves California’s Central Valley Region. CVLA is the only USLCA chapter west of the Rockies. Although a small chapter, CVLA strives toward big goals.

The mission of CVLA is to enrich, promote, support, and provide continuing education for IBCLCs, healthcare providers, and all others working to support breastfeeding families in California’s Central Valley. CVLA works closely with community partners.

One goal was to start a Baby Café in 2014, under the umbrella of Baby Café USA. Previously on site 3 times a week, at the beginning of pandemic face to face Baby Café Bakersfield meetings were stopped and Baby Café Bakersfield added a phone line and expanded services to virtual consults, text and phone health.

CVLA created a program called Connect, where parents are connected with a lactation provider. Pregnant families can connect with a lactation provider and continue care with that provider after delivery.

CVLA incorporated in 2020, and became a non-profit under the business name Lactation Matters, which is now the parent company for CVLA and Baby Café Bakersfield.

Currently working on outreach to grow membership and include lactation providers in the entire Central Valley, instead of just Bakersfield.

CVLA offers membership to any individual who is interested. A $40 annual membership entitles the member to participate in all regular CVLA educational events, including at least 6 USLCA webinars (delivered online) per year; together these webinars will provide the member with a minimum of 6 contact hours for registered nurses as well as 6 CERPs for re-certifying IBCLCs. Additional events are occasionally added to the annual schedule. Check out CVLA’s and Baby Café Bakersfield’s Facebook/websites for more information.

Through shared efforts to improve the environment in which families can pursue their infant feeding goals, CVLA is making a difference in California’s Central Valley!