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COVID-19 & Breastfeeding

Resources and guidance related to COVID-19 & breastfeeding

Launch of IBCLC® Hub

USLCA is excited to announce the launch of the new IBCLC Hub section of the website. Members can now access this special section, built specifically with IBCLCs in mind, packed full of resources, links, and guidance for the aspiring and practicing IBCLC.

Lactation Care Provider Survey

In response to many inquiries for data about those in the lactation profession, USLCA is excited to launch a survey to begin gathering data to help us learn more about those working in the field.

Our goal in sharing this survey is to create an accessible repository for this data. The aggregate survey results will be shared with requests we receive that are deemed to advance the lactation consultant profession. All submissions are voluntary and anonymous.

USLCA Adopts New Organizational Guiding Principles

USLCA is proud to announce we’ve adopted new Guiding Principles that refocus our mission around a broader vision & new organizational values promoting inclusion & collaboration to guide our future. Join today & help us improve the health of children & families in every community.

Mentorship Directory

USLCA's IBCLC® mentorship directory will allow members to connect with aspiring IBCLCs in their area! Learn more today!

Getting Involved

Your involvement can be on-going, intermittent, or one time only. There are so many ways to contribute!

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