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IBCLC Scholarship

Learn more about USLCA's IBCLC Scholarship program. Apply for a scholarship, shop to fund the program, or send a directed donation.

Inclusivity Depends on You!

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, USLCA is launching a campaign to highlight the efforts to make the lactation profession a more inclusive space. Download and take a selfie with this statement and share it on Instagram using #InclusivityDependsOnYou.  Don’t forget to follow us @USLCA!

Virtual Workshop

A Solid Foundation: Building a Broader Base for Everyday Lactation

Learn more and register!

COVID-19 & Breastfeeding

Resources and guidance related to COVID-19 & breastfeeding

Lactation Care Provider Survey

In an effort to better understand the demographics of the lactation profession within the United States, USLCA launched an open survey to the entire profession last year.  As a service to the profession, we are publishing the preliminary results of the data in a downloadable document.

Mentorship Directory

USLCA's IBCLC® mentorship directory will allow members to connect with aspiring IBCLCs in their area! Learn more today!

Getting Involved

Your involvement can be on-going, intermittent, or one time only. There are so many ways to contribute!

Stay Connected

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Joining USLCA

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