This month, we’re excited to share information from the Florida Lactation Consultant Association (FLCA).

FLCA’s mission is to build and sustain a statewide association that advocates for lactation professionals. The chapter is dedicated to creating a climate among health professionals, parents, and the general population which promotes, supports, and protects breastfeeding as the optimum method of infant feeding.

FLCA encourages collaborative work among its members and other maternal-child health care professionals. They support and encourage professional growth of our members and all those working with breastfeeding women and children throughout the state of Florida.

The chapter meets quarterly, and in the even years they present a conference. Their quarterly meetings include a business meeting in the morning, followed by lunch with a time for networking and end the day with an education presentation providing 2 CERPS. Both the meeting and the education presentation are available live via Go to Webinar. CERPS are an included benefit to the chapter members. Non-members pay $20 for 2 CERPS. Meetings are held in Orlando at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Chapter Highlights from 2019 include:

  • 4 members received scholarships to help pay for the cost of their recertification.
  • 14 members received grants to use in their workspace for World Breastfeeding Week activities
  • 1 member received a grant for outreach efforts regarding assistance with breastfeeding
  • Text messaging system in place for important notices to members

FLCA’s 2020 Conference 

7 CERPs/CEUs applied for.

For more information and to register, please click here