We love highlighting the activities of our amazing USLCA chapters!  This month, we’re excited to share information from LaCTo (Lactation Consultants Together).

LaCTo is an association of Lactation Consultants who are committed to the promotion, protection, and support of breastfeeding. The chapter’s purpose is to provide an arena for networking for area Lactation Consultants and to offer continuing educational opportunities for professionals in this field.

To that end, LaCTo meetings (both in-person and virtual) are free for everyone, but CERPs are provided for members only. The chapter offers four CERP meetings and one holiday social networking meeting a year. They have been able to offer excellent presentations during their CERP meetings, including a 2020 meeting featuring Dr. Jack Newman. LaCTo also has a great amount of local talent to pull from for speakers.

LaCTo supports and encourages the growth of the Lactation Consultant profession, and it strives to increase public awareness of the Lactation Consultant’s role in the health care field. Presently a  chapter member has donated funds for a scholarship to award two LaCTo memberships to aspiring current lactation consultants.