We love highlighting the activities of our amazing USLCA chapters!  This month, we’re excited to share information from the West Central Illinois Breastfeeding Coalition.

 The West Central Illinois Breastfeeding Coalition is one of many regional task forces established throughout Illinois to support breastfeeding awareness, education and advocacy. Chapter members are dedicated to protecting, supporting, and promoting breastfeeding. As part of their mission, the chapter:

  • Promotes breastfeeding as the best choice of infant feeding through promotional activities and education to professionals and the general public.

  • Promotes professional and public awareness of new and existing trends and research in breastfeeding.

  • Fosters communication between their task force and the State Breastfeeding Task Force.

The chapter has been meeting monthly via zoom as social distancing has been enforced, but members are very excited to gather in-person for their 25th annual Breastfeeding Walk at the Zoo, which will take place in August.

This event has drawn more and more attendees over the years. First, mothers in the Mother-Baby Groups attended, and then the chapter began asking physicians to post flyers in their offices. Right before the COVID-19 pandemic, the chapter was expecting a record breaking attendance.

This year, the chapter is highlighting and celebrating the Henson Robinson Zoo in Springfield, Illinois for all their help and support of the chapter’s efforts to assist mothers and families while breastfeeding.