Clinical Lactation Issue Alerts via Springer Connect

Did you know you can receive email notifications as soon as a new Clinical Lactation issue becomes available online? If you’re interested in staying informed of new online issues, you can sign up for these alerts through Springer Connect. This service can be especially helpful to USLCA membership levels that don’t receive printed issues of the journal.


If you’d like to start receiving new issue alerts, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Springer Publishing Company Connect homepage, and click on the “Login/Register” button located toward the top, right of the screen.
  2. Register for an account on the Springer Connect site.
  3. After your account is established, search the Springer website to find the Clinical Lactation journal.
  4. Select the blue button that reads “Alerts”, and then select “Create alert”

Please note: You may not be able to access all Clinical Lactation issues on the same page you use to activate the alert, because this page may not be accessed through your USLCA account. However, after you activate the alert, USLCA members can access all online journal issues here.