Webinar FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about USLCA Webinars

Question: How do I sign up for a USLCA Live Webinar?
Answer: Click Here to view a current list of USLCA webinars.  Click the “Register Now” link that corresponds to the webinar for which you want to register.  Follow the prompts to enter all of the applicable information.  After we receive and process your registration, you will receive an email with the webinar invitation.  At the bottom of the webinar invitation is a link for you to reserve your seat for the webinar.  You MUST click this link in order to watch the webinar.  After you click the link and submit your information, you will receive an email with the webinar login information.


Question: When/How will I receive my CERP certificate for the webinar?
Answer: Your CERP certificate will be emailed to the email address you provided on your registration form approximately two weeks after the webinar has taken place.


Question: I registered for the webinar, but now I can’t attend. What are my options?
Answer: You can receive the webinar on CD for the same price, or you can receive a full refund for the webinar. If you would like the CD, you should receive the CD about one to two weeks after the live webinar has taken place.

Logging on to Watch the Webinar


Question: I never received the login information for the webinar. How do I get onto the webinar?
Answer: Did you click the link in the webinar invitation email?
If No: You need to click the link in the webinar invitation email in order to receive the login information. Once you click that link, we will need to approve you for the webinar.  Once approved, you will receive an email with the login information.
If Yes: Go to www.joinwebinar.com and enter webinar ID (Office will have to provide Webinar ID#). Then enter the email address you used when you registered for the webinar.


Question: I am trying to login to the webinar and it’s saying my login is incorrect. How do I get onto the webinar?
Answer: Double check that you have spelled your email address correctly and/or make sure you are using the email address you registered with.


Question: The webinar isn’t loading on my computer. What do I do?
Answer: If you are experiencing problems with GoToWebinar’s software please contact their Toll Free Support line at 1-800-263-6317.


Question: The webinar page is blocked on my computer. What do I do?
Answer: If the webinar website is blocked on your computer, please contact your IT department to request that it be unblocked..

Ordering Recorded Webinars


Question: How do I order a recorded webinar?
Answer: Click here to view available recorded webinars.  You may purchase recorded webinars by adding your selection(s) to your cart.  Remember to login as a member before completing your transaction to receive your member discount on webinars.


Question: What is the price for the webinar CD?
Answer: Prices vary based on the number of CERPs awarded for the webinar.  Members: $20/credit hour, Non-Members: $30/credit hour.


Question: What is included with the Webinar CD?
Answer: The webinar CD will contain up to 4 files:
You will get the webinar presentation with the speaker’s voice as they do their presentation. This is in Windows Media Player Format. You will also receive any handouts the speaker has provided. You will also receive the Webinar Evaluation that will need to be completed and submitted to the office in order to get your CERP certificate. If your webinar CD is for a group, the final file will be a roster that must be completed and submitted with the evaluations from your group.


Question: How do I get my CERPs if I watch a webinar on CD?
Answer: After you watch the webinar CD, fill out the evaluation and send it to the USLCA office by mail, fax or email. The webinar evaluation is a file located on the webinar CD. Once we receive your evaluation, we will process it and email you your CERP certificate to the email address you provided on your evaluation form approximately one to two weeks after receiving your evaluation.