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Cost: $1.99
Member: Beverley Rae
Phone: (516) 365-4877

Product Description:

The Breastfeeding Central app is a breastfeeding guide with all the essentials that expectant and new parents need. Developed by New York lactation consultant Beverley Rae, the app covers each stage of breastfeeding, from preparing during pregnancy to the hospital stay, early days at home, first six months and returning to work. Content is arranged chronologically and includes what to expect in the first four days, how to make plenty of milk, coping with common difficulties, caring for a toddler while nursing the baby, medications and breastfeeding, diet, alcohol and losing the baby weight, pumping at work, starting solids and more. Parents magazine rated Breastfeeding Central a best breastfeeding app.


How can this be accessed or purchased?

It’s in the App Store


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