Mamivac Nipple Shield

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Cost: $7.50
Member: Ann Smith
Phone:(919) 389-1599




Product Description:

Nipple shields imported from Germany can help with latching difficulties more effectively than the traditional shapes available.
CHERRY SHAPE – This appears to be particularly helpful for baby with sucking difficulties, tongue tie, etc. Rounded with indentations that can help baby “catch” onto nipple rather than sliding down shaft of smaller conical shield.
EXTRA LARGE CONICAL – At 28mm this is the largest size nipple shield available, helpful to moms who find traditional sizes (largest 24mm) tight and pinchy. This larger size shield can also encourage wider latch onto breast.

“Please note: Imported Mamivac nipple shields are purchased in bulk and are repackaged in zip lock bags for shipping to you.”


How can this be accessed or purchased?

Purchase online at

Additional Information:

Discount bulk rates available on quantities over 10.


USLCA does not endorse the use or sale of this product. Post expires September 21st, 2024.


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