Group Membership Discount Code

Groups of five or more who join/renew their USLCA memberships at the same time can access a group discount of $10 off each members’ dues. This discount may only be applied to annual Standard level membership dues.

This group discount code may be used by the number of colleagues designated to USLCA in the initial request and should be disseminated with discretion, not posted or shared publicly.

You can request your Group Membership Discount Code in the form below

If you already have your Group Membership Discount Code, you can redeem it on the Group Membership Redemption page.


Please Note:

  • As of 01/01/2020, USLCA no longer accepts advanced payment for a full group as done in the past.
  • Official USLCA chapters are not required to enter each group members’ name and email address in the request form above.
  • If your group does not want to use the group discount code method to process your group membership, you can use the alternative method below:
    • Alternative Paper Applications via Mail (paid by check or credit card)*

With this option, the group coordinator will submit an application for each participant (minimum of 5) accompanied by payment:

      • Member Applications: Submit a completed application for each participant and mail to the address listed at the bottom with accompanying payment.
      • Payment: You may submit payment via check or credit card to accompany all paper applications. If payment is being made via credit card, please be sure to specify the payment amount and billing details.

*Processing of paper applications can take up to 2-3 weeks.  Please plan the timing of your renewal accordingly.  Once the renewal has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email to the address on file.