External Affairs Committee

Committee Description: External Affairs works to develop relationships with other organizations where the expertise of the IBCLC is needed.

The short-term goals of this committee are optimizing the relationships that exist through our liaisons participating on the breastfeeding committee of each organization. It is imperative that the IBCLC’s interest is well represented in as many arenas as possible.

Our long-range goals are to increase the intensity and number of organizations with whom we interact. We are exploring opportunities with organizations that are not normally associated with breastfeeding. As other committees within USLCA work to gain licensure for the IBCLC, External Affairs is working to develop relationships to enhance these efforts.

Application for Committee work Click here 

Currently USLCA has formal relationships with the following organizations:

American Dietetic Association

Association of Women’s Health Obstetrical and Neonatal Nurses

Breastfeeding Promotion Consortium

National WIC Association

United States Breastfeeding Committee

How you can help

We look for new organizations with whom we can connect to further opportunities for the IBCLC. If you have comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact: externalaffairs@uslca.org