Licensure Information

Description:  “The goal of the USLCA is to fully integrate International Board Certified Lactation Consultants into the US healthcare system in order to provide consumer protection and ensure skilled clinical lactation services are available and provided equitably.”


1. Licensure will provide consumers, health care providers, insurance personnel and employers with the ability to identify qualified lactation consultants.

2. Licensure will provide a means of standardizing practice and maintaining sound oversight of lactation professionals.


Licensure FAQs for the IBCLCs

The US Lactation Consultant Association has received a number of inquiries regarding the necessity and value of securing licensure for the IBCLC. Since there is no process for national licensure, the licensing of health professionals is done by each state. The goal of licensure is to provide for public safety. USLCA’s Licensure and Reimbursement Committee is diligently working to secure licensure for the IBCLC in a number of states. Read More