Marketing Committee

The goal of the USLCA Marketing Committee is to promote the IBCLC credential. The alphabet soup of breastfeeding helpers is growing.  We need to effectively spread the message that for mothers and babies, IBCLCs are the ones to see and for aspiring lactation professionals, IBCLCs are the ones to be!

How do we do this?  USLCA is committed to marketing our IBCLC credential to mothers and families, health care professionals, employers, and policy-makers.  It is a big job and is multi-faceted.  But if each one of us does one small piece, our current will be swift and the momentum unstoppable. There is a role for each and every one of us!  The USLCA Marketing Committee is now forming and with many voices (typing fingers, texting thumbs…) we will make the critical difference.

There are many ways you can help.  Your involvement can be on-going, intermittent, or one time only.  You can spend minutes or hours.  It is exciting to be a part of what’s happening!

Application for Committee work Click here

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Contribute to USLCA Marketing’s Practice-building Toolbox– The “toolbox” will provide marketing strategies and specific tools such as consult report templates to position IBCLCs in every practice setting for success.  You can submit templates of consult reports, referral thank you notes, reports of successful WIC or hospital-based activities, and ideas to share with your colleagues.

Help With Social Media– Mothers are tweeting, texting and posting.  Help us make good use of these valuable tools.

Articles for Breastfeeding Mothers-As mothers turn to the web for solutions to common breastfeeding problems, we want to be there for them with clear, evidence-based information.  And of course, we will always refer back to IBCLCs as the professionals who can help.  Members needed to write articles to post on our website.

Write Press Releases-USLCA sends major news outlets and our members a press release each and every month.  The press releases highlight a current  item in the news and refer back to IBCLCs as the professionals best qualified to address a need.  Members can also use these press releases in a number of ways to promote their own practices.

Develop Web Content for Employers-There are unprecedented opportunities for IBCLCs to work with employers to create Breastfeeding-friendly workplaces.  Make the USLCA website the go-to site for employers looking for professionals to develop and implement policies and programs.

Share Ideas-Send your ideas for marketing IBCLCs to the public and to aspiring LCs.  Whether your thoughts are edgy and outrageous or tried and true, we want to hear them.  Send your thoughts to Dominique Gallo.