Susie McCulloch, BA, IBCLC

Susie McCullochUSLCA is proud to call IBCLC Susie McCulloch a member! Susie and the rest of the staff at Sonoma County (California) WIC were recently the only West Coast recipients of the USDA’s Loving Support Gold Premiere Award of Excellence in recognition of their work increasing exclusive breastfeeding rates among their clientele. As an IBCLC, Susie works with a team of WIC peer counselors and registered dietitians to create an atmosphere of loving breastfeeding support and professional clinical education and assistance for nursing mothers and their children. Susie also works with the Sonoma County Breastfeeding Coalition to coordinate projects and advocacy in her community.

In a recent local newspaper feature, Susie was interviewed about her work. Her comments very clearly reflected the high level of professionalism and counseling skills required of the IBCLC, She shared current statistics and evidence-based research on health outcomes of not breastfeeding, related a story of having helped a woman uncover the underlying source of her breastfeeding problems (a tongue-tie which was subsequently revised) and issued a reminder that, like all IBCLCs, “For moms who want to breastfeed, we are here to provide support. For those who don’t, we are here, too.” It is easy to see why Susie McCulloch is a valued and special part of the Sonoma County WIC team and USLCA!

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