USLCA is excited to announce the candidates for our two open board member positions.  In accordance with the USLCA bylaws, board members will be elected by a ballot vote of the membership, by a majority of ballots returned. Each candidate needs a majority acceptance to be awarded their board seat.

In addition to accepting the slated Board candidates, the USLCA Board has also proposed modifications to Bylaws Articles 3 & 6. A full set of the Bylaws with the changes identified can be found here with a summary below.

IBCLC members of USLCA are eligible to vote to accept or reject the candidates listed below. Each member is awarded one vote. You can cast your vote below or here through March 19, 2021.

To learn more about the responsibilities of our currently vacant positions, you may review our job description here.

2021 Nominees

Lauren Reyes, IBCLC

“I believe there is a place for every lactation professional to thrive when we ensure all families can access evidence-based clinical care and resources to make informed decisions about how, what, and where their babies are nourished.”

Lauren is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and business innovator who manages a multidisciplinary team of lactation professionals throughout Central Texas. As a former breastfeeding peer counselor, Lauren recognizes the importance of eliminating barriers to entry to the lactation profession and works to preserve and expand lactation roles. Lauren recently co-founded and chairs a non-profit organization, Nourishing New Families, with a mission to empower communities through culturally-informed navigation services and sustainable perinatal career development. Lauren is the proud recipient of the Inaugural United States Lactation Consultants Association (USLCA) Changemaker Award, and hopes to contribute her skills as an innovator and business leader to USLCA’s board and membership. A breastfed breastfeeder of five beautiful sons who each benefited from being nurtured at the breast, Lauren is a Nuyorican (a Puerto Rican New Yorker) living in Austin, Texas, and still learning to embrace Texas summers.

Read Lauren’s Board interview here.



Kim has been a proud lactivist since she was 4 years old, “breastfeeding” her stuffed animals, even in public and not discreetly. Proudest achievement in life has been breastfeeding and providing milk for her sons, Brady and Seth. Kim decided to become a lactation specialist while in nursing school at the University of North Dakota. She has worked in a variety of settings, both inpatient (pediatrics, level 3 and 4 NICUs, PICU, mother baby care, lactation) and outpatient (pediatrics, lactation). Obtained several certifications along the way: IBCLC (1999), CLC, ANLC, Pediatric Certified RN, RNC-MNN, and CCRN. La Leche League Leader for 7 years. While living in Wisconsin, Kim served as Secretary of the Wisconsin Association of Lactation Consultants, chair of the Western Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition and co-chair for a hospital that achieved Baby-Friendly designation. Currently, Kim works with lactating families in a level 3 NICU in central Minnesota. Breastfeeding/chestfeeding sick and/or premature infants present numerous challenges and barriers so having support is crucial. Kim has co-chaired 4 Global Big Latch On events (Minnesota and Wisconsin). She facilitates a NICU Milk & Cookies group and “pump-a-thon” events. Co-chairs her hospital’s lactation team and Central Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition. She is a member of the Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition’s Equity & Access committee and was recently selected to AWHONN’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee. A top 5 finalist for Minnesota March of Dimes Neonatal Nurse of the Year 3 times and awarded the Distinguished Nurse of the Year in 2019. Kim strongly advocates for the use of human milk for all children, helping break down barriers so lactating parents/families can achieve their feeding goals, and the IBCLC as THE gold standard for human lactation. Keep calm and latch on!

Read Kim’s Board interview here.


Bylaws Updates Summary:

Article 3:

3.3 Remove “and are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants”. This change would award one vote to every paying member, regardless of credential.

Article 6:

6.1 Modify definition of OFFICER to include President and Executive Director.

6.7 Addition. Define the role of the Executive Director as a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board of Directors with privileges to break a tie vote.

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