Membership Structure

In early 2020, USLCA announced our new membership structure. Guided by the principles of inclusivity in our mission and vision, our new membership structure offers a variety of benefit choices for current members or any lactation care provider eager to become part of USLCA, regardless of credential, job category, or tenure. With monthly or annual payment options and the freedom to switch levels from year to year, there’s certainly a membership category that provides tremendous value and meets the professional needs of all lactation care providers at any point in their career.

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Please note: Members with international mailing addresses will incur a mailing fee for a printed journal subscription.


Digital Access

Not currently working as lactation care provider but want to stay connected with the latest trends and research? Our Digital Access membership level is great for those who want to keep their fingers on the pulse of the lactation community.

Cost: $3/month or $30/year ($6 savings)
Journal access: Online Access
Live webinars: $30/credit hour
Recorded webinars: $30/credit hour
Conferences/Workshops: No discounts


Do you prefer to access our quarterly journal, Clinical Lactation, online? Maybe you don’t need many CERPs this year? Our Basic membership level offers access to some of our most popular member benefits at a streamlined price, allowing you to access discounts when you need them! This level is great for those just entering the field or nearing retirement.

Cost: $6/month or $60/year ($12 savings)
Journal access: Online Access
Live webinars: $15/credit hour
Recorded webinars: $15/credit hour
Conferences/Workshops: Event discounts


Do you enjoy receiving a print copy of Clinical Lactation every quarter? Are free and discounted CERPs and workshop and conference discounts on your priority list?? The Standard membership level is great for those currently working in lactation and looking to stay up-to-date through continuing education and emerging research.

Cost: $9/month or $90/year ($18 savings)
Journal access: Online Access & Print Journal (U.S. Only)
Live webinars: $10/credit hour
Recorded webinars: 8 free credits + $10/credit hour
Conferences/Workshops: Event discounts


Recertifying with CERPs? Want to participate in all USLCA live webinars at no cost? Do you take pride in knowing you’re supporting your national organization at the maximum level? Our Enhanced membership level offers the most comprehensive benefits package USLCA has ever offered.

Cost: $15/month or $150/year ($24 savings)
Journal access: Online Access & Print Journal (U.S. Only)
Live webinars: Free
Recorded webinars: 8 free credits + $5/credit hour
Conferences/Workshops: Event discounts


What will membership look like in 2021?

For fiscal year 2021, membership pricing will remain the same.  We will continue to explore and add benefits but the structure and pricing will remain the same.

I just renewed at an old membership level, what happens to my current membership level and benefits?

The current membership levels (Student, Retired, Group, Individual, Monthly, Contributing Professional) will gradually be phased out.

If you’re currently a Student, Retired, Group, or Contributing Professional member, your membership level and benefits will continue for 12 months from your last join/renewal date. At your next renewal, after our 01/15/2020 transition date, you’ll need to select a new membership level (Digital, Basic, Standard, or Enhanced).

If you’re currently a Monthly or Individual member, your membership level will automatically transition to the new Standard level and your benefits will remain the same.


Are USLCA membership dues increasing?

The new Standard membership level offers the same exact benefits as the current Individual membership level. The dues for this level will be increasing by $5/year, going from $85/year (Individual) to $90/year (Standard).

USLCA will continue to offer a $10 membership discount to groups of five or more that join/renew at the new Standard level. Group membership dues will be going from $75/year (group at Individual level) to $80/year (group at the Standard level).

The other three membership levels (Digital Access, Basic, and Enhanced) are completely new. The dues for these three new levels range from $30/year to $150/year. With such a variety, members are able to decide which benefit offerings and dues price point makes the most sense for them.


Will the transition to the new membership structure affect my current renewal date?

No, USLCA will continue to have a rolling 12-month membership. The transition will not reset any renewal dates and renewals will add 12 months to your existing membership cycle.


Will I still have access to the two free recorded webinars each quarter?

If you are in a membership level that is being phased out, you will be able to order the free quarterly webinars until your next renewal date. After 01/15/2020, when your membership is up for renewal, you’ll need to select a new membership level. If you want to continue to order free quarterly webinars, be sure to select the Standard or Enhanced membership level.


I want to be listed in the “Find an IBCLC” directory, which membership level should I select?

Listing in the Find an IBCLC directory is available to IBCLC members at any membership level.


Will you still offer group discounts?

Yes! Groups of 5 or more joining together will still be able to access a group discount of $10 off when joining or renewing at the Standard membership level. The process for purchasing membership as a group will be changing as well so be sure to follow the instructions to receive your group discount code.


Are you still offering special discounts for students, retirees, or seniors?

We recognize there are unique needs for a variety of lactation care providers as different stages of their career.  Because of this, we felt it was important to offer a wide variety of membership levels at different price points to the entire lactation profession.

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