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All membership terms are for one year. If your account has automatic recurring billing and you want to cancel at the end of your membership year, please email USLCA at You must make this request at least five business days before your next renewal in order to avoid auto-renew for the next scheduled billing. Cancellation is effective only once confirmed by the USLCA office.


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Depending on when you renew and whether or not you are changing your membership level, your renewal date may be automatically adjusted. If you are planning to renew at the same level, your renewal date will remain the same when renewing before your expiration date, and it will be revised to one year from the current date if you renew more than 7 days after your expiration date. If you are planning to change membership levels, a renewal within 7 days before or after your current renewal date will charge you a one-year membership and keep your renewal date the same. If you want to change your level more than 7 days prior to your renewal date, you will be charged pro-rated dues for your new membership level, based on the date you upgrade/downgrade, and your renewal date will reset to 12 months from the date you upgraded/downgraded.

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