USLCA Celebrates National Breastfeeding Month!

August, 2022

Share Your Story!

We want to know how your personal experiences with lactation or your work (paid or unpaid) in lactation support has made an impact in your life, your career, or your community! We will becollecting stories through the month of August and sharing them with you for a unique learning opportunity on September 1! Join Christine as she reviews and discusses the experiences of bothparents and providers. Share your ideas, your challenges, and your stories.

We would be honored to hear your story and potentially share it with a wider audience for inspiration and encouragement. You never know how your story may influence someone else’s feeding choices or even their career path!

Interested in submitted a story? Submit here!

Breastfeeding Month Webinar

To show our appreciation for your story submission, USLCA is offering a discount code to those who submit a story. This webinar will take place on September 1st at 1PM ET.

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