USLCA President’s Award

Congratulations to the 2019 winner!


The 2019 President’s Award goes to Judy Levy-Stutsky, RN, IBCLC

Judy has been an RN/BSN and IBCLC for almost 31 years, and has worked in labor & delivery, mother/baby, antepartum, taught childbirth classes and lactation.  As the senior full-time lactation consultant, Judy has made many practice changes to help make breastfeeding easier for the mothers at her hospital.  She now works the parent education and outpatient lactation at the Adventist HealthCare headquarters and covers the warm line.

Judy has made an incredible impact during her time volunteering for USLCA.  She has been the chapter minute taker for the chapter phone calls, despite not having a chapter in her area.  She single-handedly started the USLCA “in memoriam” award in memory of a coworker, and this fund has been responsible for almost entirely covering the membership grants for the last two years.  Judy now serves on the membership committee to help decide grant and award winners.  Her hard work has not gone unnoticed but has mostly gone unrecognized until now.