USLCA President’s Award

Congratulations to the 2017 winner!


The 2017 Presidential Award goes to Pat Steimer, RN, IBCLC LCCE

Pat Steimer is a nurse who has worked in birth and breastfeeding care as an educator and then as a doula since the 1980s and has been an IBCLC for over a decade. She was the major force behind the formation of the new East Tennessee Chapter and serves as the Chapter president. For the past 5 years, she has lead the charge advocating for IBCLC licensure in Tennessee and continues to work to overcome challenges in this process. Her conviction to stand up for the IBCLC is strong and deep, and she is determined to finish the race despite many setbacks in the process and while dealing with family illness. Tennessee IBCLCs are extremely grateful to Pat for showing leadership and conviction in her efforts to promote the vision and mission of USLCA.