USLCA strives to offer a high-value membership to all lactation care providers, regardless of their membership level.  In order to continue to offer all of the education and resources you rely on, a membership dues increase will occur January 1, 2023 for Basic, Standard, and Enhanced level memberships. To ensure that members can still access USLCA at an affordable cost, we will keep the Digital Access membership the same price.  We understand that price increases are happening everywhere and encourage you to renew early to lock in your current pricing before dues go up on January 1.

Digital Access:
2022 $3/month or $30/year  — 2023 $3/month or $30/year

2022 $6/month or $60/year  — 2023 $7/month or $70/year

2022 $9/month or $90/year  — 2023 $11/month or $110/year

2022 $15/month or $150/year  — 2023 $18/month or $180/year


I just renewed. Can I still renew early? Yes! Login to your member profile and select the membership level you wish to renew and you can process another 12 month payment at any time.

My membership needs have changed, can I change levels? Yes! Check out USLCA’s member benefits wizard to identify the right membership for you and your needs!

Do I have to be a member at a certain level to have voting privileges? No! All USLCA members are given privileges to vote.

I am a part of a Chapter, do I have to be a member at a certain level for them to get credit? No! USLCA manually audits all Chapter rosters to ensure that all members are counted, regardless of membership level.

Do you have further questions? Email us today!