To those who have taken the time to email, call, or post regarding yesterday’s announcement of our new Guiding Principles, thank you.  The breadth of responses and engagement is exciting and we are grateful for the dialogue.  We are also saddened by some of the misinterpretations that have evolved.

Based on the comments and questions we’ve received, it is especially important that we work to create as much understanding as possible so that our current members, as well as potential future members, feel included and recognize the inherent value of these organizational changes. Our members are at the core of everything we do and stand for — now and in the future.

In direct response to the majority of the comments, USLCA unequivocally supports the role of the IBCLC as the clinical provider in lactation care who possesses the breadth of knowledge and understanding to address the most complex lactation issues. This has and will remain unchanged. We will continue to advocate for the role of the IBCLC, maintain and further develop programs for IBCLCs, and create avenues to improve access to becoming an IBCLC.

In addition, we will look for ways to expand our programs to support other providers as they work within their individual scope of practice and possibly choose the path toward becoming an IBCLC.

This approach will allow us to provide foundational support to those starting out in the field. And, in addition, this broadened platform will improve our financial stability, which will allow us to invest in new programs and support innovation in the profession.  Sustainability of the lactation profession requires significant improvement in equitable access to the profession.  This work will help open doors to improved health equity for both providers and families that they care for.

At the end of the day, this is about the families and children that lactation care providers help on a daily basis.  Gaining recognition for and advancing our profession, supporting the training and credentials, and applauding the passion you all have for this work is what is most important.

Some may choose to disagree with our refreshed mission and vision. We certainly respect all individual viewpoints, and we are eager to hear the varied voices and perspectives as we look to the future.  So please, stay engaged, get involved, and continue on this journey with us.

Help us shape a thriving future for this wonderful organization.

We have developed a platform for you to share your feedback and we encourage you to continue to do so here.  We will also update our FAQs as questions come to us, so please check back frequently.