The Terry Jo Curtis Award

Terry Jo CurtisUSLCA created the Terry Jo Curtis Award to recognize the exemplary efforts of those increasing access and equity for the US IBCLC. Terry Jo Curtis, IBCLC, founded Indiana’s Black Breastfeeding Coalition and was a powerful voice promoting breastfeeding for all families in her community. She was proud to be an IBCLC. Sadly, Ms. Curtis passed on in May of 2014, but we honor her work with this award.

Congratulations to the 2019 winner!


The winner of the 2019 Terry Jo Curtis Award is Stephanie Carroll, MBA, IBCLC, RLC

Stephanie has been working towards increasing access to care in Appalachia since the foundation of Appalachian Breastfeeding Network in 2016. Since its creation, ABN is responsible for sending 35 aspiring lactation professionals to either Certified Lactation Specialist or Certified Lactation Counselor training. With 100% pass rate of those ABN have supported, there has also been an increase in those who earned their IBCLC in Appalachia. In a region where there were low numbers of IBCLCs, the newest group of exam takers gave Appalachia a huge increase in the % of IBCLCs! They are proud of the work they are doing to increase access to care, however, still have a huge way to go! ABN is increasing education and empowerment in Appalachia by providing a Hospital Education Initiative and an Annual Conference. They started the Empower Mom Movement to increase empowerment to women who live in a mostly patriarchal society. Bringing more lactation courses to rural areas is helping to bridge this gap. Stephanie is motivated to continue the work she does with ABN and beyond – with equity and access to care at the forefront of everything she does.