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USLCA is the exclusive association partner of The Melanated Mammary Atlas™, a new healthcare professional resource that features images displaying mammary-related conditions on Asian, Indigenous, Black, and Brown folks. The Atlas features the first and only cache of images of this type available for viewing and constantly updated by health professionals and the public.

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What is the Melanated Mammary Atlas? Visit to familiarize yourself with the tool.

When will the tool be launched? All approved users will be granted access to start browsing on Thursday August 26, 2021

What is the cost? Without a USLCA membership, the cost to subscribe to the MM Atlas will be $9 per month.  With a USLCA Enhanced Membership, the cost will be $18/month or $180/year for both MM Atlas subscription and all of the benefits that a USLCA Enhanced Membership has to offer!

What if I don't want to pay the extra fee? As always, you are able to revise your membership level at any time. Use USLCA's Member Benefits Wizard to identify the membership that best meets your needs! 

I already signed-up on the MM Atlas website, can I still bundle my fee? Yes! If you have already requested to join the MM Atlas and are/become an Enhanced Member, you don't have to do anything else. We are working closely with the MM Atlas Team to ensure that our Enhanced members are not charged for access. If you receive your approval email from the MM Atlas Team next week and are somehow sent to a payment screen, simply back out and let us know. We'll make sure you're all set. If you've not yet requested to join the MM Atlas, we recommend signing up through USLCA as soon as possible to ensure your account can be migrated over to the bundle and avoid being charged in the first month. To ensure the tool is secure and all users are authorized to access, it does require a human to review. Please be patient if you receive your approval notice later on Thursday or even Friday.