USLCA Chapter Advertising Benefit

USLCA offers each official Chapter the opportunity to both advertise with USLCA and submit specialized content for our Facebook page. We hope this benefit will allow Chapters to reach a wider audience and recruit new membership.

The following are the details of this benefit:


  • Chapters can submit ads for 2 emails per year with website footer ad during corresponding months
  • Can use the same ad for 2 separate months, or can use 2 separate ads
  • Must follow standard ad guidelines
  • Must be Code compliant event
  • Must be approved by the board
  • Intended for conferences/events/member recruitment
  • Submit request through USLCA ad request form

Member Recruitment/Announcements Posts

  • Will post up to once per month on USLCA Facebook page about upcoming events/meetings and member recruitment
  • Post must be submitted at least 1 week in advance of requested posting date
  • Content must be ready to post.
  • Requests should be submitted to