The Breastfeeding Atlas, 7th Edition

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Intended User: Lactation Consultant, IBCLC exam candidates, practicing health care professionals
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Member: Barbara Wilson-Clay

Product Description:

The Breastfeeding Atlas, 7th Edition (2022), by Barbara Wilson-Clay and Kay Hoover, has been fully up-dated.  It contains evidence-based breastfeeding assessment skills and case management suggestions illustrated with 400 color photos. Concise, carefully referenced, durable (opens flat for easy study), The Atlas also contains numerous case studies that share insights from the authors’ combined 60 years of clinical experience. Chapters include Infant Assessment, Appearances of Infant Stools and of Human Milk, Positioning and Latch, Sore Nipples, Mastitis, Special Breastfeeding Situation, Breastfeeding in Emergencies, Twins, Tongue-tie, and more. The Breastfeeding Atlas is a practical guide for both exam candidates and health care practitioners.

Sample photos:

Cradle hold/postpartum breast engorgement

Upright feeding position/Infant with hydrocephalus

Laid back feeding position

How can this be accessed or purchased?

US Customers: Purchase bulk copies (with discounts for student study groups) from

Canadian Customers. Contact for cross-border service

EU Customers: Amazon EU or contact for expedited shipping and best rates

Chinese Customers: A Chinese translation is now available in mainland China, published by Fudan University Press.

A Portuguese version is now available. Inquires should be sent to

South Korean Customers. A Korean translation is available: contact: Hakjisa Medical Publishers, Seoul.

Brazil:  A Portuguese translation is pending.


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