Category: Training Program

Intended User: Lactation Consultant
Cost: Varies
Member: Angela Love-Zaranka
Email: Support@lactationtraining.com

Product Description:

Earn the CERPS you need while saving as much as 20% off the cost of individual courses when you purchase LER’s course bundles. Build your own bundle from an extensive catalogue of classes or choose a 75-, 20-, or 15-Hour Bundle. Ethics and Communications Bundles also available. Each bundle lists the IBLCE Detailed Content Outline areas it covers, making it easy to fulfill your Personalized Development Plan and recertify by CERPs.

How can this be accessed or purchased?

Please see https://www.lactationtraining.com/bundles-lactation-classes?utm_source=website&utm_medium=blog for course information.

USLCA does not endorse the use or sale of this product. Post expires April 6th, 2025.


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