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Core Curriculum for Interdisciplinary Lactation Care continues to be a trustworthy source for lactation-specific information and education in a thoroughly updated second edition. Published in association with the Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee (LEAARC), it presents the core curriculum required to practice as a beginning lactation consultant in an easy-to-read format. Written by an interdisciplinary team of clinical lactation experts, it reflects the current state of practice and offers evidence-based information regardless of discipline or specialty.

The updated Second Edition includes new information on scientific evidence supporting breastfeeding, the biochemistry of human milk, breastfeeding multiples or a preterm infant, lactation and maternal mental health, breast pathology, and more. With a focus on the science, management, and professional aspects of lactation care, Core Curriculum for Interdisciplinary Lactation Care, Second Edition prepares beginning consultants and clinicians to provide comprehensive care for breastfeeding families.


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