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Intended User: Lactation Consultant
Cost: $50.00
Website: https://lactforms.com/pages/billing-forms-info
Member: Diana West
Email: diana@dianawest.com

Product Description:

Superbill Receipts: A Critical Component of Successful US-Based IBCLC Practices 

If you’re an IBCLC in the US and don’t accept direct insurance payments, or some of your clients don’t have insurance coverage for lactation consultation services, they’ll need a superbill receipt to file with their insurance companies for potential reimbursement of fees paid to you for your services and retail sales.

Unlike general medical superbills, LactForms superbills are specifically focused on lactation practice parameters, with comprehensive listings of lactation and peripartum dyad assessment-relevant CPT and ICD-10 codes. Those known to be most likely to be reimbursed are in bold so your clients have a better chance of payment. They include completion tips and instructions to maximize your client’s reimbursement, with space for logging retail product sales.

Instant Download!  

Our superbills are all instantly downloadable in PDF format so you can use them immediately.  No special software or programming is needed.  Just open the PDF file in the free Acrobat Reader and enter info in the highlighted fields (the highlight disappears when the file is saved).  Then save the PDF with a new filename and the info entered into the fields will be embedded into the form.  Very user-friendly.

Color Design

Version 5.0 premiers our color version. The colors can be customized to your branding colors for a nominal fee.

Separate Parent and Child Versions

Our superbills are available in separate Parent and Child versions for office, home, and telehealth visits. (A combined superbill version is no longer available since most insurance companies now require separate superbills for each patient, parent and child, which does make sense when no other medical profession treats two people as a combined unit.) 

The Parent and Child superbills are sold together as a discounted package since most lactation practices treat both Parent and Child. For those who only see the Parent or the Child, our superbills are also sold individually.

Two Format Options

Our superbills are available in two formats, Fillable and Printable (more info on our format options). The Fillable version features a functional, auto-calculating, fillable PDF for paperless offices or emailing to clients for filling out electronically. The Printable version is meant for old-school LCs who prefer to print forms and fill them out with a pen.  It reproduces sharply and cleanly and is perfect for three-part carbonless forms (white for insurance, yellow for client, pink for your client file).

Two Header Options

LactForms superbills are also offered with two options for the header at the top of each form showing your practice information. For the same price, you can choose between a fillable box to insert a stylized header image (which can be developed for you if needed) or fillable fields if you prefer to enter your practice information directly in plain text format (more info on our header options).

Detailed Instructions

All LactForms superbills include detailed instructions for easy and optimal use, as well as a copyright release for printing if you choose the Printable format.

And we’re always there to help with any questions you may have.


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