Evolve Lactation Community

Category: Practice Resources

Intended User: Lactation Consultant, Aspiring Lactation Care Provider, or Birth Worker
Cost: Free to us to $8.00 per month
Website: https://www.christinestaricka.com
Member: Christine Staricka
Email: christine@evolvelactation.org

Product Description:

Evolve is a coaching membership for IBCLCs which helps you to grow and evolve your lactation practice and career so that you can be confident and resilient. Evolve provides mentorship beyond (or alongside) the clinical requirements for the IBCLC exam. 
How It Works
Group coaching calls bring together members to ask questions, share wins and challenges, and learn together.
An online resource platform offers stores a huge archive of helpful articles, podcasts, videos, templates, and more which can supplement all of your learning and growth.
Monthly opportunities to earn CERPs keep you moving and making progress toward your initial certification or re-certification. CERP opportunities include courses such as The First 100 Hours Masterclass, Early Birds Only, and Embracing the Need: Facing the US Formula Shortage.
Text access to me and the group through Telegram offers a listening ear for questions about clinical issues, career issues, and personal support for your work in the lactation field.

Who is right for this membership?
If any of the following apply:

  • You have been an IBCLC for less than 10 years
  • You are studying for the IBCLC exam
  • You are feeling isolated or unsupported in your lactation work

This membership is made for you.

How can this be accessed or purchased?

Please see https://christinestaricka.com for course information.

USLCA does not endorse the use or sale of this product. Post expires March 7th, 2024.


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