IBLCE Exam Review Enriched

Category: IBCLC Exam Preparation

Intended User: IBCLC, Aspiring IBCLC
Cost: $199.00
Website: https://www.lactationtraining.com
Member: Angela Love-Zaranka
Phone: (443) 203-8553 

Product Description:

Get prepared for the IBLCE exam with this comprehensive review course!

A Comprehensive Approach to Support Your Success:

– A Full Review of Exam Content. 32 full-length video lessons cover each element of the Detailed Content Outline.

– 27 case studies. Be ready when exam questions ask you to apply your knowledge.

– Topical worksheets.

– Industry’s most innovative practice exam tool. LERQbank adapts to your responses and provides instant explanations with study references. Includes 500+ questions, closely aligned with exam content and written by experts in the field.

– Expert Study Advice. Our Exam Study Skills Webcast provides proven tips on preparing to ace the exam.

– Newly revised digital flashcards. Interact with 300 flashcards on the screen while you designate the practice parameters. Choose to see only cards you haven’t mastered, see all cards, and create card decks for specific topics.

– A 30-Day Self-Study Scheduling Tool. We’ll help you stay on track and make sure you’ve covered everything by exam day.

– A Community. Ask questions, get encouragement, connect with others, and find study partners with our private Facebook study group, moderated by IBCLCs.

How can this be accessed or purchased?

Purchase online at LERQ bank: https://www.lerqbank.com

USLCA does not endorse the use or sale of this product. Post expires March 6th, 2025.


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