The Lactation Private Practice Toolkit

 Category: Practice Resource

Intended User: Lactation Consultant
Cost: Varies
Member: Annie Frisbie

Product Description:

A full suite of trainings, templates, and resources designed for private practice lactation consultants. Included:

2 E-Books Written Specifically To Guide Lactation Consultants
● Paperless Private Practice for the Lactation Consultant
● Lactation Private Practice from Start to Strong

Tech trainings:
● Training modules for the most popular charting platforms for lactation consults
● Comparison charts so you can choose the tech solution that’s right for you
● Secure messaging training

Essential Legal Templates (attorney reviewed)
● Consent for Care (lactation specific)
● Website Policies and Terms & Conditions
● Social Media Ethics Guide and Photo Releases
● Contract templates for hiring subcontractors and support staff

Business Infrastructure Building Blocks
● Policies and Procedures Workbook
● Lactation-specific charting Templates for multiple paperless charting platforms (and more added all the time)
● Resource Collection of Client-Friendly Links

Lifetime upgrades when new products are added.

How can this be accessed or purchased?

Visit for more information and to purchase.


USLCA does not endorse the use or sale of this product. Post expires March 18th, 2025.


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