Spoon Card

Category: Clinical Tool


Intended User: Lactation Consultant, Hospitals
Cost: $11.00, pack of 50
Website: http://www.LactationStuff.com
Member: Sharon Curry
Email: SCurryIBCLC@gmail.com

Product Description:

The Spoon Card is also an ideal hand out for health fairs or prenatal classes. It is a great conversation starter and visual aid.  Available in Spanish or English! This eye catching card will help teach new mothers about Skin to Skin, How to Hand Express Colostrum and How to Spoon Feed the Baby.  The clear, illustrated instructions inspire confidence during the immediate newborn period. The attached spoon is useful and helps mothers manage expectations as to how much colostrum they will be able to express and the small amount baby will require. Mom can use this tool independently or with a little help at the bedside.

See the companion website www.LactationStuff.com for information about teaching hand expression and spoon feeding.


How can this be accessed or purchased?

The Spoon Card can be ordered through Noodle Soup.

To order a pack of 50 with spoons inserted for $14.00 https://www.noodlesoup.com/product/spoon-card-assembled/

To order packs of 50 for $11, you provide the spoons https://www.noodlesoup.com/product/spoon-card-pack-of-50/


USLCA does not endorse the use or sale of this product. Post expires April 10th, 2025.


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