Category: Training Program

Intended User: Lactation Consultant, Hospitals
Cost: $60.00
Member: Debra Swank
Phone: (304) 619-1433




Product Description:

A significant part of the lactation consultant’s workday is spent addressing motor skill acquisition for the infant’s oral grasp and effective transfer of milk. This 4-hour intensive webinar provides greater understanding of sensory-perceptual-motor learning in the acquisition of infant breastfeeding skills, integrating precepts from the fields of breastfeeding science and the cognitive sciences, with emphasis on kinesiology – the study of human movement, motor learning, and motor control. Prioritized clinical interventions are discussed in regard to the observable skill decay that often follows the infant’s learning experience with an artificial nipple. Research opportunities are also discussed in regard to motor skill acquisition, skill decay, and reacquisition of infant breastfeeding skills.

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