Pathway 2 Lactation Training Program

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Intended User: Aspiring IBCLCs
Cost: $9,000.00
Member: Dixie Whetsell
Phone:(503) 494-8257


Product Description:

OHSU-PSU School of Public Health offers a Pathway 2 Lactation Training program that includes the required lactation education and clinical lactation experience. All the coursework is available online and the program can help students obtain clinical experience in the region where they live.  Students can seek a bachelor’s degree while completing their lactation training if desired.


How can this be accessed or purchased?

Any student that meets the required prerequisites can take the Lactation Education courses (100 hrs) at Portland State University. Students using all three IBLCE Pathways can attend the Lactation Education courses. Once students have completed the Lactation Education courses they can apply for the limited-entry Lactation Practicum Program that provides 300 hours of clinical lactation experience if they are interested in Pathway 2.


How can this be accessed or purchased?

Have questions? Prospective students are welcome to schedule a phone or virtual Advising appointment to talk with a faculty member about our program.


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