USLCA Outstanding Chapter Award

Congratulations to the 2019 winner!


The 2019 Outstanding Chapter Award goes to PRO-LC (Pennsylvania Resource Organization for Lactation Consultants)


Their participation on USLCA quarterly chapter calls, quarterly chapter report submissions and provision of scholarships for future Lactation Consultants in the Philadelphia area, among other achievements has shown why PRO-LC being recognized as an outstanding USLCA chapter. Their annual Advocate of the Year award recognizes area providers and community members who are outstanding in their efforts to support breast/chestfeeding.  Each August PRO-LC has World Breastfeeding Week displays and educational activities competition. Currently PRO-LC is working on diversity of their speakers who present at chapter meetings for CERPS as well as their membership and now offers student and scholarship membership options. This chapter has been able to continue to increase membership due to their ongoing efforts. 

USLCA Chapters allow groups of clinical lactation professionals within a geographic area, state, or region to join together to work toward the mission of USLCA.  Chapters are the workforce of USLCA, holding conferences to create opportunities for required continuing education for IBCLCs, facilitating working groups to advocate for each state’s IBCLC licensure efforts, and providing networking events to allow for collaboration in the provision of breastfeeding support interventions and programs that are culturally- and demographically-appropriate for each area.  Membership in both a local chapter and USLCA allows individuals to reap valuable and separate -but complementary- benefits from each.  Many future USLCA Committee Heads and Board Members discover their passion for advocating for the IBCLC profession while participating in their local chapter.