Chapters should have all official documents submitted to the national office to assure that your Chapter is listed in the official website directory.  This includes membership renewal fees, Chapter agreements, and membership rosters. Remember that Chapter presidents are required to be a USLCA member, as well as 25% of all Chapter members.


Group memberships allow discounted fees and are a great way to promote USLCA membership among your members.  Remember, those belonging to USLCA as well as your Chapter are considered “Elite Members” and will be recognized as such on the website.  Another new Chapter tool is the President’s quarterly report.  This form can be found on the website under the Chapter tab.  This is due January 1, April 1, July 1, and Oct. 1.  These reports are used to spotlight Chapters in our Member Minute e-newsletter, and will be the basis for selecting the Chapter for the “Outstanding Chapter Award.”


Quarterly Chapter conference calls will keep you up on what’s going on with your national association, as well as provide the opportunity to share your accomplishments and concerns with other Chapters in the country.  These calls are scheduled with Ginger Carney, Director of Member Services.  Be sure your Chapter is represented on each and every call!


Any questions about Chapters can be directed to