USLCA is happy to note that one of the breastfeeding metrics in the Healthy People 2020 Goals has been surpassed!  Baby-Friendly USA recently announced that 17% of births in the US now occur in Baby-Friendly designated hospitals.  Across the nation, IBCLCs and aspiring IBCLCs are involved in many ways in the effort to assist their hospitals and facilities in achieving designation, and through this effort, they are able to proudly and professionally represent the IBCLC credential and its importance.  We offer congratulations and encouragement to ALL who are involved in the work of achieving and maintaining Baby-Friendly designation!

Baby-Friendly USA (BFUSA) is pleased to announce that the US Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) has reached a new milestone – 17% of births, approximately 678,000 births per year now occur in Baby-Friendly designated hospitals.  The US government aim for this metric, as stated in the Healthy People 2020 Goals, is for 8.1% of births to occur in Baby-Friendly designated hospitals by the year 2020.  The government goal has been achieved and significantly exceeded, 4 years early. Congratulations to the hospitals, lactation consultants and all other maternal and child health practitioners and professionals who are responsible for this remarkable accomplishment.

Success in this area is projected to continue as the more than 700 hospitals enrolled in the 4-D Pathway continue working towards designation.  Hospitals working towards designation, as well as those assisting them, are directed to for an updated statement from BFUSA and are reminded to utilize the most current Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria to guide their work.

To find facilities in your State who have achieved the Baby-Friendly designation please go to–by-state.