The USLCA submitted comments this morning to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding professional regulation of healthcare providers.  As we explained to you previously, the FTC conducted a workshop in March to examine the competitive implications of professional regulations within the healthcare arena.  This presented an important opportunity both to inform the FTC of the importance of the IBCLC and to make the case for IBCLC licensure.

The FTC sought input on numerous issues, including: the relationship between professional regulations and access to care, as well as how professional regulations restrict the scope of practice of non-physician health care professionals.  The original Federal Register notice announcing the workshop can be found here.  Information on the workshop and the link to view all of the public comments on the workshop can be found here.

The USLCA would like to thank its Licensure & Reimbursement Committee for working so diligently and collaboratively to prepare its response.  Please remember that one intangible benefit of USLCA membership is the countless hours of advocacy work that go on every day behind the scenes to ensure our members are represented loud and clear.  We appreciate your membership and take this responsibility very seriously!  Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Mission: To advance the IBCLC within the United States through leadership, advocacy, professional development and research.

Vision: The IBCLC is the recognized professional authority in lactation care in the United States.