1) Was your 1st choice session full?  Click here to be added to our wait list.  

2) Will recordings be available?

There are 3 options for receiving conference session recordings.

  • All conference attendees will receive 6 on demand recordings following the conference.
  • Conference attendees have the option to include the Virtual Add-On to their registration.  The Virtual Add On will include recordings of all sessions marked with a camera icon on the conference brochure that can be viewed here.
  • If you are unable to attend the conference in-person, there is a Virtual On Demand Conference Registration option found here.  This option will be offered after the live event and the sessions will be viewed on-demand. This option will include recordings of all sessions marked with a camera icon on the conference brochure that can be viewed here.

3) How many CEs will I receive if I….

  • Attend the Clinical Day?
    • 6 CEs
  • Attend the Standard Conference?
    • 20 CEs – 14 of these are offered live and in-person, 6 are provided as on-demand e-learning modules.
  • Attend the Clinical Day + Standard Conference?
    • 26 CEs
  • Purchase the Virtual Add-On?
    • Up to extra 18 CEs – This is in addition to whatever in-person sessions you attend but limited to those with the camera icon next to it.
  • Am unable to attend and register for the Virtual On-Demand Conference?
    • 30 CEs

4) What is the cost?

5) Why the mermaid as the mascot?

Our conference is being held in Norfolk, VA.  Norfolk adopted the mermaid as it’s official symbol in 1999.  Read the full history of Norfolk’s Mermaid here.

6) What type of continuing education is being offered?

USLCA is accredited to offer both lactation CERPs and Nursing CEs. RDs and DTRs may also apply for CEs through the CDR self-study program.

7) Why have you asked us to stay at the conference hotel?

We encourage all of our attendees to stay at the conference hotel and use our designated block. When everyone stays at the conference hotel, USLCA’s costs of using hotel space and amenities are reduced. The more who stay at the hotel, the less we have to pay to the hotel, and the lower we keep our costs. If a significant number of people stay off property, the organization risks financial exposure that will affect costs to attendees for later events.

8) Why is the USLCA conference scheduled so close to a major Jewish holiday?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the USLCA conference had to be rescheduled. Due to limited calendar options and the financial impact that would have resulted from a venue or calendar change, the USLCA conference will conclude the day before the beginning of Rosh Hashana. The conference will conclude before sunset on Saturday and virtual options are available for those that may be impacted due to being Shabbos observant.

9) Why does the conference cost so much?

We recognize that attending the USLCA conference is a significant investment for attendees.  We make every effort to make this event as affordable as possible including subsidizing the attendee cost, offering scholarships, payment plans, and student discounts, as well as ensuring that the conference is packed with tremendous value for anyone who attends.  It is imperative to USLCA that speakers are compensated fairly and dietary restrictions are accommodated, both things that can affect our overall budget.  USLCA’s conference is built to offer a variety of options to ensure attendees can maximize their experience to meet their personal needs.

Still have questions?  Feel free to reach out to us at